I’ve written, recorded, produced, mixed, and engineered audio & music for a variety of creative endeavors.

You can find my music on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and other streaming services under my artist name, “Xenja.”

Recent Projects:

AHC 2020 LAB – Original Soundtrack (12.2019 – 03.2020)

This project involved composing & producing show audio for AHC, a multimedia devised dance-theatre piece directed by Amir Ali Aftabi. While working on this project, I was heavily inspired by trauma, the subject of the piece. AHC premiered at the La Jolla Playhouse’s Shank theatre on March 6 & 7th, 2020.

Class Projects: MUS 174Audio/Studio/MIDI Techniques

These are songs I recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered alongside my classmates and under the instruction of Prof. King Britt.

Moving On
Vox/Engineering – Luminessa
Drums, Bass, Recording/Mixing/Engineering – Marcel Cedeno
Drums, Mixing/Recording/Engineering – Diego Garza
Guitar/Bass/Recording/Engineering/Mixing – Martine Xenja
To Change
Vox/Production/Mixing/Mastering – Marcel Cedeno
Vox/Production/Mixing/Mastering – Nicholas Pendry
Production/Mixing/Mastering – Diego Garza
Keys/Production/Mixing – Rachel Lim
Guitar/Production/Mixing/Mastering – Martine Xenja
Blood Moon
Vox/Production/Mixing/Mastering – Marcel Cedeno
Vox/Mixing/Mastering – Nicholas Pendry
Vox/Production/Mixing – Yisha Zhang
Vox/Production/Mixing/Mastering – Diego Garza
Vox/Production/Mixing – Rachel Lim
Vox/Guitar/Keys/Production/Mixing/Mastering – Martine Xenja

Queen of the Night – Sound on set (03/2020)