Dark Star

“Welcome to a planet of sand, where skies are oceans of dust… Wherein the distant future well rust, in the land of the dead and the damned.”

Welcome a dystopian desert version of our world – a land of endless summer. The inhabitants of this world are scattered across a network of small settlements, each of which is strategically located near a precious source of water.

After suffering the latest in a series of yearly droughts, Ezra’s village is thrust into the longest period of water rationing in recent memory since the Great Drought. Ezra, the young and proud daughter of environmentalists, decides to investigate her village’s water source in spite of her parents’ warnings. She quickly stumbles upon a large and insidious conspiracy: A cabal of corrupt village elders has been hoarding water for years.

Ezra tells her parents, but she is followed. Her mother and father are tragically and permanently silenced, leaving Ezra a fugitive on the run for her life. She flees into the perilous open waste, where life ends and our story begins.. 

A wild chase sequence ends with Ezra narrowly escaping her assailants. As she is making her way out of the city, she is pulled aside by an an older, cultish figure. The crone tells Ezra her path lies to the East.

Ezra seeks refuge in the feared cavernous mountain ranges of the east. Her world will never be the same…

No one knows why these mountains are colorless. Legends say they were drained of their mana by a god like force…

Dark Star – Title Track

Under the cover of moonlight, Ezra made haste

Oh but who knew the stars to the east, would take her so far

Up to a place where a mountain’s grey face kissed the sky

And the cliff saw her soul, through a cavernous eye


It shone like a dark star

A home to her dark heart

A portal to the earth

If she could reach it first…


At daybreak she awoke, 

Fearing whispers from the western slopes.

Men of violent precision made capture their mission


Ezra climbed above the price on her head

Clawed up the cliff, flooding the sky, reaching the eye


It shone like a dark star

A home for her dark heart 

A portal to the earth

And she reached it first.

Ezra at the entrance to Dark Star.

Having been seen scaling the cliff, Ezra has no other choice but to descend into the cave.

To her astonishment, she finds giant crystals of ice from long before the Age of Drought. A beam of light from the surface streams in through a narrow opening thousands of meters above. Her passage is briefly illuminated in pale shades of blue by sunlight reflecting off of the ice. Hearing voices echoing from above, she presses onwards…

The Harvest

As Ezra descends deeper into the cave, a different story is unfolding above her. All interest in capturing Ezra is lost in the presence of water, a precious resource, now discovered by the mercenaries.

Reinforcements are called. The word gets out – water, in the caves! A large harvest begins. The cave is desecrated by primitive machines. The miners celebrate their victory over the earth as it breaks before them. Rubble from the work seals the entrance to the path Ezra has taken, leaving her trapped in the depths. She is not alone. Shadows stir in the darkness. Ancient creatures are awakened – the guardians of the cave.

To Be Continued..